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Amiga Moms Events

Amiga Moms events are designed with the modern day mom in mind.  We understand the unique journey of motherhood and believe that taking care of yourself is just as important as caring for your kids. From empowering workshops and interactive webinars to virtual support groups and retreats, we offer a diverse range of topics to cater to your interests and help you thrive as a mom.  Join us on this incredible journey of motherhood, where you can create lasting connections, learn how to take care of yourself, remind yourself who you  were before becoming a mom, all while embracing the joys of motherhood.

Amiga Moms Workbook

Amiga Moms' in-person events began in May 2019 with a fun conference, better known as The Amiga Moms Social. Since then Amiga Moms has had 20+ events to varying scales. 

Take a look at past events as you await our exciting upcoming gatherings and events!


I feel we live in a society we are mom shame for 'not having it all together' but I firmly believe it's important to not listen to the outside noise and tap in to supportive groups like this that can help us celebrate the human side of parenting.

February 2022

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