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Welcome to Amiga Moms Real Mom Talks! Join us in this interactive gathering where moms can connect, share experiences, and learn from each other. Whether you are a brand new mom or your kids are grown, these Real Mom Talks offer a supportive environment for discussing a variety of topics important to YOU.

Each sessions is curated as a safe place to provide valuable insights, offer practical advice and to help one another navigate motherhood - the good, bad and the ugly! 

Come each month or as your schedule allows. Meet other moms, share stories, ask questions, and gain new perspectives. You know that village everyone mentions... find it here! Together we will learn of mindful living, learn of mental health, and inspire through our personal growth.  

Montly Real Talks

While the space is not a therapy group, it is led by mental health professionals and it may feel therapeutic to be heard and connect with other moms. The 60-minute sessions provide moms the opportunity to...

  • engage in "real talk" discussion on motherhood

  • connect with other moms

  • gain parenting skills and tips

  • relax with a guided meditation at the end of each session

Moms of all cultures welcome! Come as you are - no judgments. Sessions are all held in the English language.

Save the Dates

For the virtual Real Moms Talks via Zoom  |  8:30 - 9:30 PM EST

Amiga Moms September Real Mom Talk.png

September 19th

Amiga Moms October Real Mom Talk.png

October 17th

Amiga Moms November Real Mom Talk.png

November 13th

Amiga Moms December Real Mom Talk (1).png

December 12th

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